The Ultimate Choice for unrivalled strength, waterproofing, and longevity. With a 200MPA surface hardness and a compressive strength of 80MPA, it offers both a beautiful aesthetic with unmatched durability.Its innate impermeability to water, solvents, and chemicals solidifies its position as the market leader in seamless coatings. Choose MICROROCK® for the most waterproof, strongest, and long-lasting surface coating available since 1940.

For areas with water exposure, opting for a non-cementitious microcement like MicroRock is advisable. MicroRock's polymeric composition, consisting of a paste and hardener, inherently renders it impermeable to water without relying on additional sealers. This eliminates the need for frequent resealing, a common requirement with traditional cementitious microcements


Compressive Strength

An 80MPA rating signifies very high compressive strength, ensuring MICROROCK's durability under significant stress and load, which is crucial for high-traffic areas.

Surface Hardness

With a 200MPA surface hardness, MICROROCK is exceptionally resistant to physical wear, such as scratches and abrasions, making it ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic or potential for accidental impacts.

Mechanical Resistance

The extreme mechanical resistance of MICROROCK ensures it can withstand significant physical impacts, contributing to its durability and suitability for demanding applications.

anti-Slip Rating

Surpasses the anti-slip ratings (P4 & P5) for external floors or steps, ensuring safety in slippery conditions, which is essential for commercial and residential applications alike.

Unique Formulation

Unlike traditional powder and resin mixes, MICROROCK's polymeric coating, consisting of a trowelable paste with a hardener additive, offers a significant advantage in application and performance.

Low Maintenance

MICROROCK's durable nature eliminates the need for frequent resealing, setting it apart from other products on the market and reducing long-term maintenance costs.


The 10-year warranty guarantee reflects its superior quality and performance, outperforming other microcements in the Australian market in all testing categories.

Health & Safety

The absence of respirable silica in its formulation is a key health and safety benefit, making it a safer option for both installers and end-users.

Global Presence

Its use in over 40 countries as a leading architectural coating underscores its global appeal and the trust architects and designers place in its performance and aesthetic qualities.


Is MicroRock Waterproof?

100% impermeable to water even before sealers are applied. Great for external applications, wet areas, showers, bath-tubs, sinks, floors & more.

How is MicroRock different to other Microcements?

1. Waterproof in Mass - Impermeable to liquid even before sealers are applied

2. No water spotting like other cementitious microcements (Theirs should not be in wet areas & should have the claim as 'water resistant'

3. Compressive is strength is significantly higher than all other microcements is Aus

4. Can go in showers, bath-tubs and sinks without the need to reseal

Can MicroRock go in Swimming Pools?

MicroRock can be fully submerged in water like sinks and baths that get drained frequently and don't have chemicals in the water. MICROPOOL is the correct system for Pools and Spas that are consistently submerged with chemicals like chlorines, etc.

Can MicroRock be used on Floors?

Yes! Both Internal and External Floor applications are a great option for extreme strength, longevity and aesthetics. Rock can be used on external patios, around pool areas, structures (bbq's & bench tops) commercial floors, facades, and more.

Can MicroRock be Textured?

Yes! MicroRock can achieve artisan textural pitting and natural trowel extures.

Does MicroRock look Natural?

Absolutely! A uniform, yet subtle cloudy finish creates an amazing seamless surface across any surface. Finished with a beautiful atin or Matt finish to


Suitable application areas for MicroRock. Commercially rated for both internal and external use.










Pool & Spa

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