Micropool represents an advanced two-component polymeric non-cementitious coating meticulously crafted for submerged surfaces, specifically tailored for swimming pools and spas. Its innovative formulation necessitates the simple addition of a catalyst for hardening, presenting a highly efficient and practical solution. Engineered with precision to control water vapour permeability, preventing blistering and ensuring enduring durability, Micropool sets the highest industry standards. It enables effortless application over existing substrates, effortlessly transforming pool areas into functional, aesthetically pleasing spaces. With exclusive anti-slip properties and minimal maintenance requirements, Micropool Microcement not only enhances the functionality but also ensures exceptional protection, durability & longevity.

10kg Cemher Micropool System

Commercially rated

Experience the pinnacle of resort-style luxury with CEMHER® MICROPOOL®. Loved across Europe and the Mediterranean for decades, our seamless surface coating will truly transform your space, harmonizing aesthetics with practicality.

Durable, safe, and low-maintenance, CEMHER® MICROPOOL® is the epitome of opulence and technical innovation in luxury seamless surfaces pools and spas..

MicroPool Colour collection

microcement pool coating by cemher using micropool

Compressive Strength

With an 80MPA compressive strength, MICROPOOL exhibits a very high level of resistance to compression forces, making it exceptionally durable under various stresses.

Surface Hardness

Surface Hardness: At 200MPA MicroPool is an extremely robust surface capable of resisting scratches, abrasions, and other forms of wear, contributing to its longevity and maintenance of aesthetic qualities.


Its complete impermeability to water ensures that it remains unaffected by prolonged submersion, maintaining integrity and appearance in pools, spas, and ponds.

Cemher Microcement used in a swimming pool

Mechanical Resistance

Extreme resistance to mechanical stresses, ensuring it withstands physical impacts and pressures typical in high-traffic areas and aquatic environments.

Chemical Resistance

Resistant to pool additives and harsh chemicals, including chlorine and hydrochloric acid, ensuring the product's longevity and ease of maintenance under rigorous conditions.

Anti-Slip Rating

Exceeds anti-slip ratings (P4 & P5) for external floors or steps, ensuring safety in wet conditions, which is crucial for poolside applications.

Pool Coatings Cemher Microcement micropool australia

Mechanical Resistance

10-year warranty guarantee, underscoring its superior performance compared to other microcements in the Australian market across various tests.

FORmulation Advantage

Unlike powder and resin mixes that are typically advised against for pool use, MICROPOOL's polymeric coating, comprised of a trowelable paste with a hardener additive, is specifically designed for such applications, offering a significant advantage in terms of application and durability.

Health & Safety

The absence of respirable silica in its formulation addresses health and safety concerns associated with other pool microcements, providing a safer alternative for installers and end-users.

Cemher Microcement pool coating Jayson pate design project

Luxury & Longevity

Specifically created for swimming pools and spas. MicroPool is perfect for complete submersion in chlorine, salt, magnesium, and fresh water indefinitely!

The only commercially rated coating of its kind that has been trialled tested and installed in pools across the globe for decades!

Micropool is a trowelable non-cementitious product with a hardener additive. Our Two Part system exceeds all other coatings in strength, longevity, impact resistance, stain resistance, waterproofing and chemical resistance.


What is MicroPool?

MicroPool is a polymeric two-part trowelable coating specifically designed for submersion in swimming pools and spas.

Why should I choose MicroPool?

Micropool is the only two-Part trowelable coating in Australia commercially rated for use is pools and spas. Chemical resistant, UV stable and impermeable to liquid 100% - MicroPool is not water resistant is it WATERPROOF

How long has MicroPool been around?

The Cemher/Kilnher Group have been manufacturing and supplying premium coatings since 1940. MicroPool however has been installed for decades throughout 40+ countries worldwide. Trialled, Trusted & Tested.

Another product claims it can go in Pools - What should I look for when comparing?

1. If it is a one-component microcement. Eg: (water + powder mix) - If the Answer is yes, it is not suitable.

2. Does it rely on sealers to remain water resistant? If the Answer is yes, it is not suitable.

3. How long has the product been installed worldwide? Testing phase in chlorinated pools and spas should be a minimum of 10+ years.

4. Does the product contain limestone? If the Answer is yes, it is not suitable.

5. Is the MPA lower than 80MPA? If the Answer is yes, it is not suitable.

Can MicroPool be tinted?

Absolutely! We have a beautiful core colour range. If you wish to custom tint, please email your questions and we can send it to our tinting machine for a closer match.

Does MicroPool have to stay submerged?

No! MicroRock can flow out of the pool onto the coping, down steps, walls and patios for a completely seamless flow.

What is the maintenance?

The same as any pool or spa. Micropool is unaffected by pool chemicals including chlorine, shocks, acids, etc.