CEMHER Microcement DIY MICRONE Bucket features

Waterproof & Durable

MicrOne is the ultimate choice when the goal is aesthetics, longevity, durability and waterproof.

Waterproof in Mass, meaning that it is not pourous or absorbant like other products. The only microcement of it's kind in Australia not requiring maintenance and ready to use straight from the bucket with the colour pre mixed for your convenience.

Beautiful cloudy looking surfaces that are completely waterproof and guaranteed for 10 years.

MicrOne Colour Collection


Flexible & Durable

High Flexural strength and Durability makes Microne a great option for floors, walls, benchtops, showers and bathrooms

Ready Mix / Easy Application

Ready mixed in the bucket, simply open and apply. The bucket can be closed and stored then opened and continued to use at a later date.


Its complete impermeability to water ensures that it remains unaffected by water ingress like other microcements. The only microcement that is waterproof before sealers are applied.

Mechanical Resistance

Resistance to mechanical stresses, ensuring it withstands pressures typical in wet areas and harsh environments

Chemical Resistance

Resistant to harsh chemicals, ensuring the product's longevity and ease of maintenance under rigorous conditions.

Anti-Slip Rating

Exceeds anti-slip ratings (P4 & P5) for external floors or steps, ensuring safety in wet conditions.