CEMHER® has been at the forefront of crafting premium, waterproof, commercially-rated materials, catering to an elite global clientele since 1940. Our legacy is marked by a steadfast commitment to excellence, as evidenced by the trust placed in us by a distinguished roster of clients. Esteemed architects, luxury designers, sports clubs, and prestigious hotels and resorts consistently select CEMHER® as their preferred partner.

CEMHER® stands as a symbol of quality and sophistication in the world of architectural finishes, where strength, beauty, and durability coalesce to create spaces of unparalleled elegance and functionality.


CEMHER® Microcement transcends the ordinary, offering a luxury architectural coating that epitomises the pinnacle of design innovation and material resilience. This is not merely a product; it is an embodiment of an extraordinary experience, meticulously crafted to produce surfaces of unparalleled strength and seamless elegance. Designed to excel in both residential and commercial environments, our microcement sets a new benchmark in aesthetic allure and enduring quality.


MicroPool, created for pools, spa's & Ponds for the ultimate seamless surface. Completely impermeable meaning no water can pass through it surface. Truly unmatched in waterproof coatings!

Pools. Spas, Ponds - Chlorine, Magnesium & Salt Resistant & UV Stable

microcement bathroom australia cemher


MicroRock, has unmatched compressive and tensile strength. Moreover, its innate impermeability to water, solvents and a spectrum of chemical compounds underpins its superiority in the market.

Bathrooms, Wet Areas, Kitchen, Floors, External, Driveways, Benchtops.


Choosing CEMHER® microcement is a strategic decision that extends beyond mere aesthetics. It represents a smart investment in value, offering unparalleled support, exceptional strength, and enduring longevity, all while elevating your brand's presence in the market.


We take pride in empowering our network of installers with comprehensive training in a multitude of finishing styles. Our focus is on equipping them with the skills to create a variety of textures and designs, ranging from the earthy allure of coarse stone to the refined sophistication of smooth stone finishes. Our extensive training program ensures that installers can tailor their approach to each unique space and vision

Artisan Texture

Smooth Surfaces & Minimal Texture

Tuscan Stone Texture Level

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