CEMHER® MICRODUR® Microcement stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to pioneering excellence in advanced surface coatings. As our flagship offering, MICRODUR® has established itself as a standout, achieving remarkable standards in quality, versatility, and application. Its distinctive single-component trowel-on formula epitomizes simplicity, facilitating seamless and efficient application. With its natural cloudy mineral stone appearance, MICRODUR® offers both textured and smooth finishes, while its extreme flexibility, non-cracking properties, and unmatched durability set it apart as the epitome of premium microcement solutions.


Strength & Flexibility

With a 44MPA base and 40MPA top coats, MicroDur provides a solid foundation and finish, complemented by high flexibility and crack resistance, making it suitable for a wide range of interior surfaces, including those subject to movement.

Environmental Credentials

Achieving an A+ rating on the VOC emissions chart, MicroDur stands out as an eco-friendly system, aligning with green building practices and indoor air quality standards.

Natural Look

MicroDur appeals to those seeking an authentic, earthy aesthetic without compromising on durability or performance. Known for its natural cloudy mineral appearance, offering stunning tonal variations that mimic natural stone or concrete, adding depth and character to interior spaces.

Mechanical Adhesion

MicroDur boasts extreme adhesion to all substrates, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting finish on a variety of surfaces.

Finish Options

Available in Tuscan and Smooth finishes, MicroDur also allows for a variety of artisan styles, achievable by Cemher-Certified applicators, providing customisation to suit any design vision.

Chemical Resistance

Its resistance to chemicals and contaminants makes it a durable choice for areas exposed to such materials, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance.

Low Maintenance

An eco-friendly cleaner is enough to keep your microcement looking like new year-round - Naturally mould resistant, therefore harsh chemicals are not necessary as regular maintenance


As a one-component microcement, MicroDur simplifies the application process while maintaining high performance. Its off-white base can be tinted to any colour in the Cemher range, offering vast design flexibility.


Is MicroDur Waterproof?

MicroDur is Waterproof once sealers are applied. This consists of 2 applications of penetrating sealer and 2 applications of Water-Based Two Pack. For complete Waterproofing in MASS for wet areas and externals, MicroRock is recommended

Can MicroDur achieve a Textured & Cloudy finish?

Absolutely! MicroDur is our core microcement great for floors, walls, ceilings & bench-tops. Allowing the applicator and client to design a cloudy mineral stone finish that suits the spaces.

Texture, pitting, tonal variation and a genuine real stone look finish. If a Raw looking natural finish is desired, opt for the Matt sealer. If you like a slight light rebound sheen, opt for the Satin sealer.

Can MicroDur go into Pools & Spas?

No. Use only Cemher MicroPool in Pools and Spas.

How can I choose the right colour?

Selecting the ideal colour for your project is a crucial step, and we've made it a seamless process. Our esteemed network of CEMHER Certified applicators is equipped with comprehensive physical sample packs, offering you a tangible experience of our colour range. During your consultation, you can explore and discuss various tonal variations and textures with your installer to find the perfect match for your space. Crafted with meticulous care, our colour palette is the brainchild of our Queensland team, who have expertly refined and tested a spectrum of shades derived from Cemher's tints. This careful selection ensures a diverse range that caters to all design styles, promising a harmonious blend of aesthetics and quality.