Welcome to our Specifiers page, dedicated to presenting the epitome of microcement excellence. As the industry evolves, we understand the growing need for Architects and Designers to specify superior products that elevate their creations to new heights. For years, the market has grappled with inadequate microcements, casting a shadow of doubt on their reliability. To address this critical issue, we embarked on an extensive research endeavor, meticulously testing products from around the world for two years. Our goal was clear: to introduce an exceptional microcement solution that surpasses expectations and sets a new benchmark in Australia.


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With the ever-expanding commercial and high-end residential market in Australia, the demand for construction materials that stand the test of time is greater than ever. We've heard numerous accounts of microcements with poor longevity and water ingress issues, jeopardizing the success of prestigious projects. At our core, we are driven by innovation and the desire to offer a superior solution. That's why we proudly introduce Cemhers waterproof in mass microcements, engineered to eliminate any potential water-related concerns without relying on external sealers.

The success and recognition of our products extend far and wide, with installations in over 40 countries gracing prestigious properties and spaces around the globe. Architects and designers alike entrust our microcements to bring their creative visions to life, confident in the unrivaled quality and performance they deliver. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we invite you to specify our exceptional microcements, granting you the power to shape spaces that inspire and endure.

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Cemher Spec+ is the professionals area for specifying our premium commercially rated microcement for Australian projects.

Gain exclusive access to Systems, Substrate Guides, Colour Library, Specifications, Products, MSDS, TDS and a list of Cemher applicators by area.

Other Specifiers Account benefits include Sample Packs, Design Brochures and Project Design Meetings at the Cemher QLD location.



Our Micropool® microcement has been specifically designed and tested to meet the highest commercial standards for swimming pools and spas, ensuring exceptional performance even in the presence of chlorine, magnesium, and fresh water. It is recognised as a superior 2-pack waterproofing system that surpasses all other pool coatings currently available in the market, thanks to its remarkable flexural strength and impressive compressive strength of 80mpa. When it comes to specifying the best option, our Micropool® microcement stands alone as the undisputed choice.


Our Microrock® microcement meets the most rigorous commercial requirements for a multitude of applications, including externals, wet areas, commercial spaces, high-traffic floors, retail spaces, shopping centres and showroom garage floors. Its exceptional performance is unparalleled, making it the ultimate choice for discerning architects and designers.

Its remarkable strength is evidenced by its impressive compressive strength of 80MPA. Furthermore, its high flexural strength ensures outstanding durability, allowing the microcement system to endure significantly longer than alternative options.

What truly sets our microrock microcement apart is its inherent waterproof nature even before the application of sealers. This invaluable feature guarantees long-lasting protection against water damage, cementing its position as the go-to choice for architects and designers seeking a microcement solution that stands the test of time.


Elevating architectural design to new heights, our exceptional Microdur® microcement emerges as the hero product within our range, seamlessly combining versatility, high flexural strength, and remarkable durability across a multitude of applications. Particularly sought after in high-end residential projects where the aspiration for captivating cloudy stone-like surfaces is paramount, Microdur® transcends expectations.

Unlocking boundless design possibilities, Microdur® is the perfect choice for flooring, stairs, walls and select external areas. Its remarkable adaptability and innate ability to create ethereal, minimalist beauty with a distinct touch of texture and character make it a coveted option for luxury architectural endeavours.

By specifying Microdur®, architects and designers embrace a realm of limitless creativity, effortlessly blending seamless aesthetics with enduring strength.